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Streetwear fashion

SS21 men's fashion: New era of self-expression

by collarAccount 21 Jan 2022
Thanks to these strange times, the rules of the old style are outdated and the boundaries are blurred. We wore tracksuits for 9–5, pulled out clothes for virtual celebrations, and wore our usual bar-going outfits for our outings to fetch milk. And yet, it also gave us time to reflect on our tastes and ask ourselves: what do we want Really wear when all bets are off? Which brands do we really identify with and why? And with spring approaching, how do we want to emerge back into the world?
Freed from the usual trends and rules of fashion, self-discovery is essential. With that in mind, Daniel Sannwald's surreal photographs capture the many facets of your character that you can explore this spring and beyond. A compendium of authentic and individual style.



Many of us have understandably lost momentum when it comes to getting dressed. But maybe this is the perfect opportunity to discover something new and explore a braver side of ourselves. For starters, wearing bright colors is an easy win for improving your mood - JW Anderson, Bottega Veneta and Marni have it in spades this season, brightening up any rainy day. Exploring deeper, earth-conscious designers like Bethany Williams , who champions upcycling, and community-driven brands like Labrum London , whose collections feature untold stories from West Africa, make design a strong message - a (elegant) way to express yourself and your values, without saying a word.




Have you found yourself wearing any, shall we say, unorthodox outfits over the past year? I thought so - but we bet a few have opened the doors to clothing combinations you may not have considered before. A designer who always frees up space for new ideas, Virgil Abloh said of his latest Off-White collection : "I thought of this muse, kind of half businessman, half young teenager - and how they can crash together." Channel that childhood playfulness and new experimental side of yourself. How about a hiking vest with a collared jacket? Rubber boots with tailored pants? Colliding prints? Patchwork jeans? Why not!




Trench coats. Ties. Tristripe from Adidas. All mainstays of the men's wardrobe for as long as we can remember. How to shake things up a bit? Alexander McQueen's answer is a spliced, reversible version of a belted trench coat, part of a collection created during lockdown that drew inspiration from archive styles and unsold fabrics. Ties – as neglected as office water coolers these days – have appeared as belts at Versace and in shirt fabrics at Craig Green . Grace Wales Bonner , meanwhile, said of her collaboration with adidas Originals, "I wanted to elevate the familiar and bring bespoke eveningwear and sensibility to this essential collection." Across these designers' collections, the evolution of traditional menswear 'uniforms' gives you free rein - when you find what works for you, go for it.


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