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What is Streetwear? Definition of Streetwear

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Streetwear , what is this fashion? The street-wear style made its appearance in North America, in the USA, around the 1970s, with the explosion of urban pop rap culture.
Streetwear is a fundamental trend that has profoundly influenced the way we dress today, this one has shaped an urban fashion.



Streetwear is a mix of several cultures and influences
  • THE sportswear : skateboarding and basketball
  • There music : Rap, hip-hop, R&B, grunge, and punk
  • graphic expression : Tag, graffiti, pop art, manga


This style was born in the street, launched by the young people of the neighborhood, which allowed them to express and show their belonging to a unique culture called "Streetwear"
Not having much means, the young people of the districts could not afford beautiful designer clothes , so they did with their means and what they had.
For them, what was important was not necessarily the clothes themselves, but the way they wore them. This situation oriented them to be as creative as possible, this to create the birth of new codes of urban fashion!
The foundations of streetwear style is therefore the originality , the authenticity and the freedom . Indismountable pillars which have therefore accompanied the wave in each of its evolutions , in each of its transformations, and which are currently still valid and will be forever in our view.
A mixture of different components , such as board sports (like the Skater Style, and surfing), music (like the Rap , Hip-hop style) and urban art with the Taggueur style or the Graffiti style (graffiti )
The streetwear look has recently been popularized by Rappers, Influencers and modern fashion personalities.