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Streetwear fashion

Who is Azael Ango Abore? A future big name in the streetwear fashion scene?

by collarAccount 31 Jan 2022
Who is Azael Ango Abore? A future big name in the streetwear fashion scene?


Azael Ango Abore, at 19, he knew how to inspire us with an original style and attitude. He breaks down looks into three elements: brands, accessories and mood. Her Instagram is full of streetwear inspiration and the popular aesthetic is sure to give you ideas. His style is constantly evolving and even if he is not confined to a single aesthetic, his looks represent the very essence of streetwear.


He draws his inspiration from the new gen rap scene, passing from Playboy Carti, Uzi and stylist Ian Connor among others to the latest hip hop fashionista: A$AP Rocky (a/k/a Rakim Mayers). We caught up with Azael to discuss the influence of streetwear on the Gen X rap scene and the importance of being a part of it! What does your personal style say about who you are? "My style has changed over time but for now I am inspired by the new gen culture 2016 - 2017 which shows through my use of denim and sneakers. But I am also strongly influenced by big names in modeling such as Alton Mason, his energy, his neat look, his vision of fashion inspires me enormously. »


Azael was able to convince us with his worked streetwear styles but also by the quality of his Instagram account. He is well on his way to conquering this world!
Streetwear can be a divisive business these days, although more and more people have interpreted the culture into their wardrobe, there are a few internet favorites that are paving the way for innovative inspiration.
Whether you're looking at streetwear blogs, photographers, celebrities or 'influencers', these stylish guys are shaping the way we see streetwear. They may be aware of their strengths, promote themselves, but one thing is certain: they inspire streetwear culture on a daily basis.


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