Art Hoe Clothes

What is art hoe style?

Art hoe is a style that is based around artpaintingsnature and flowers. It is all about showing your love of art in your clothes. Art hoe girls usually like to draw and paint, they also play instruments or love classical music. This style has no aim to be sexy or feminine, they just wear comfortably in a way that shows their personality and passion for art. 


How should an art hoe dress be?

An art hoe usually wears mom jeans with paintings on them. You can find this kind of jeans at Streetwear Society. They also love to wear their favourite artwork on t-shirts or sweaters. You can see that they have a bond with art when you look at their outfit. Our art hoe style collection has lots of flower detailsartworkssunset tones just like an art hoe would adore. So if you are a real art hoe don’t forget to check it out.