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Streetwear fashion

How to dress in Oversize 3 tips & advice

by collarAccount 23 Dec 2021


There was a time when we would have laughed at the oversized garments so popular today and assumed that it was a mistake in the choice of size. Today, however, oversize clothes are fashionable. However, it's not just about wearing a large garment for yourself, because oversized cuts must be adapted and highlight the body! This streetwear style is particularly about tops and jackets. What we notice above all is that oversize clothes are generally not fitted, but have straight cuts that conceal the shape of the bust or contrast with the curves of the body. The oversized cut is particularly pleasant and gives you an immediate feeling of comfort. The oversized look is not about concealing or veiling the body. To wear an oversized garment in style, opt for example for a hoodie that contrasts with wide-cut jeans. Did you want to adopt a casual and at the same time assertive style? So visit Streetwear Society 's online store to add some oversized clothing to your wardrobe.


You should balance the look with a slimmer cut elsewhere. With an Oversize coat, for example, you could wear it over a more fitted sweater, tee or shirt and thinner jeans and have just one item that offers the movement and lines of the oversize. . The same goes for jeans or cargo/ oversize pants, try to keep a regular fit on top, but avoid wearing super slim/skinny jeans as the contrast will look "weird".


Clothes too big often have the reputation of being the ones you wear when you don't want to not make an effort on his dress or her look of the day. Loose, shapely garments like oversized hoodies, sweaters, and long/giant tees


It's a good idea to buy clothes that are meant to look Oversized/Oversized and that you can fit in your size. If you just want a piece of clothing to be a little looser than it should be, go two or three sizes up from your usual size to avoid ending up with an oversized and unflattering bag.

Ex: Coat, Oversized Down Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Cargo Pants.

When you're wearing loose, loose-fitting clothes, it's important to make sure the pieces you're wearing have some sort of eye-catching focal point so you don't get lost in a mass of fabric, materials and shapes. Create a cohesive dress style

Oversizing in fashion clothing and accessories has always been around, today it has become an integral part for much of the fashion world.

The oversize trend may be big right now, but it's not something for every occasion, says stylist Sarah-Ann Murray, who has dressed the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Stanley Tucci and Jonah Hill. "I'm not convinced it works as formal wear, which is usually the most formal of occasions.

Jacket Coat, Down Jacket, Oversized Jacket

When you're in great shape, take it easy with color. Neutral tones such as gray, white and navy blue are the most effective
Technical coats and oversized parkas are effective, but wool overcoats lend themselves better to a more fluid silhouette. Below, keep the figure slim with turtlenecks and well-cut pants

Oversized T-shirt

A neutral and minimal t-shirt will allow you to be more elegant
The usual rules that the sleeve of a t-shirt must touch the middle of the biceps do not necessarily apply here, some cuts falling to the elbow. You may consider adding some rolls to the hem to prevent your arms from being completely covered

Oversized hoodie

I said to hip-hop, hippie to hippie, you're gonna have to buy an oversized hoodie. Everyone in The Rap Game from Travis Scott to Kanye West wears and touts them, the oversized shape that suits larger-than-life characters.
Black is a favorite color, probably because it hides all the shadows from the rounder parts of your body (the love handles are gone), so the eye can focus on the shape of the fabric and not on you.

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