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Streetwear fashion

Tribute: Virgil Abloh, a streetwear designer with an extraordinary and inspiring destiny

by collarAccount 01 Dec 2021

The American designer from Ghana died on November 28 at the age of 41 of a dazzling cancer.
The American designer from Ghana died on November 28 at the age of 41 of a dazzling cancer. Multidisciplinary artist, at the same time architect, DJ and designer, former collaborator of Kanye West, he managed to impose his vision of fashion with his label Off-White in 2013 and his recognizable logo. PARIS MODE INSIDER is back on its journey take a look.



The brand was founded in 2012, and its success is not recent, but it is now reaching the heights of the biggest names in streetwear and luxury .
The Off-White brand makes a lot of streetwear that you could call urban haute couture, but it's best known for its $3,000 sneakers, super-expensive phone cases, loud collaborations (custom by Off-white ) that help fuel the billion-dollar sneaker resale industry, its seemingly non-functional industrial-patterned belts, and its experimental furniture.
Off-white is a streetwear brand designing streetwear that is extremely popular, sought after and exudes an image of street luxury today.
"Set the gray area between black and white as the Off-White color."

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Young people in New York and Milan from fairly affluent backgrounds, pop stars and rappers from all media and fashion magazines, and much of the high fashion elite, including Marc Jacobs , Abloh's fan from the start. But also, Julia Roberts and many others.
Off-White's use of quotation marks is a major factor in the relevance of this streetwear brand. Regular words surrounded by quotation marks bring emphasis and value to the context of the word, eliciting new dimensions from the chosen words.
By presenting the words as quotations, Virgil Abloh extracts them from their context and questions their seriousness. When he puts "Sculpture" on the side of a handbag, he provokes the viewer. What's the difference between a handbag and a work of art, is there really one?

Virgil Abloh

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He was born in Chicago on September 30, 1980. of Ghanaian parents. Virgil Abloh studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin, then a master's degree in architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Today he is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, artist and DJ. he has been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear collection since March 2018.
Virgil ABLOH is one of the most prolific creators of his generation, he connects collaborations and partnerships with streetwear brands (Nike..)
West and Abloh interned together at Fendi in the summer of 2009, and said they weren't allowed to do much but had become better, more intimate friends. Abloh officially took the title of "creative director" from West in 2010.
All rappers now have a creative director, (Rihanna has more or less 14)

Virgil Abloh Biography

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